Do You Need Tech Skills to Land a Tech Job?

Did you major in business, psychology, English, or history?
If so, these headlines have to kill you:

Everywhere you look, the message is clear:
No tech skills. No tech job.
But here’s the dirty little secret of the tech industry:
It’s not true.
And for the first time, we’ve got the stats to prove it.
Here's how: I pulled data on the 526,268 LinkedIn profiles of US Internet professionals. And, sure enough, a bunch of them work in technical roles:

Total Technical Workers: 142,613

But would you believe 3x as many work in non-technical roles?
Believe it:

Total Non-Technical Workers: 383,655

But how could this be? After all, those headlines are right: Tech jobs are hot and CS majors are in-demand.
Here's the thing. It turns out that for every new tech job, four non-tech jobs are created. After all, for every new app that comes out, you need someone to design the logo, patent the technology, market it on the App Store, manage its books, and so on and so forth.

And honestly, the proof is in the pudding:
I got my start as a kindergarten teacher and ended up landing job offers at Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and LinkedIn - despite never making it past the first lesson on Codeacademy.
I must be some kind of freak, right?
Well, you got me there. I didn’t meet a whole lot of kindergarten teachers in tech. But I did meet: 

Bottom Line: Tech is open to all. It’s just up to you to break into it.
Ready to get started? Here's a free guide to a dozen different tech roles open to non-techies:

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