Rockin' the Doughboy tie in class!

Rockin' the Doughboy tie in class!

I wasn't born a techie...

It's easy to assume that tech jobs are just for techies - coders, data scientists, and UX designers.

But I got my start as a kindergarten teacher in Brooklyn and broke into tech without knowing a line of code.

And I ended up getting offers from companies that turned down my fellow Michigan MBAs with fancy engineering degrees.

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My first tech badge

My first tech badge

...But I cracked the tech code...

During business school, I developed a system that landed offers at Apple, Amazon, and VC-backed startups.

Since then, I’ve gone from being a Product Marketing Intern for Apple's iOS team to the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for LinkedIn’s entire education business to the VP of Marketing at an edtech startup with $10M in venture funding.

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Serving as a hiring manager at LinkedIn

Serving as a hiring manager at LinkedIn

...And helped others do it, too!

Along the way, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates for dozens of roles - from sales to customer success, from tech giants to startups.

And so I know exactly what tech recruiters look for and how hiring managers think - because I’ve been there and done that.

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Offers earned via my method

Offers earned via my method

Now I want to help you.

Succeeding in tech has been a dream come true. But I’m still a teacher at heart - so I’ve dedicated the rest of my career to helping others do the same.

That includes publishing a best-selling career book, speaking on job search techniques, and developing courses to help would-be techies to land awesome offers.

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