I’ve been on both sides of the table.

Need someone who can speak to your audience where they are today?

But also bring insider expertise to help them get where they want to go tomorrow?

As a former kindergarten teacher who landed offers at Google and Apple - and hired other new techies at LinkedIn and startups, I’m your guy.

I know what it takes to succeed in tech because I’ve been there. And now I’d love to help your audience do the same!

Jeremy has an insider’s knowledge of the tech hiring process. That type of experience and expertise is invaluable, and significantly shortens the distance for anyone who uses him to break into tech.
— Delauno Hinson | Banker Turned Startup Exec

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Teaching is my true passion.

As much as I love geeking out about the latest gadgets, my true superpower is storytelling.

That’s why I began my career as a teacher in Bed-Stuy and why I returned to coaching after breaking into tech.

And the result is that I earned 300+ positive reviews as the University of Michigan’s tech career coach and have been invited to speak at 50+ organizations around the world from the Peace Corps and Stanford to Twilio and Venture for Canada.


Just some of the organizations I’ve been honored to serve

3 Training Options

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1) The Online Course

Your audience gets lifetime access to any or all of my online courses (currently rated 4.8 stars by 6,000+ students):

That way, they can learn at their own pace - and when they need support the most!

So good! My completion percentage of Jeremy’s course had an almost direct correlation with getting a job.
— Adil Minocherhomjee | Product Manager

2) The Live Training

Your organization can pick from a variety of my favorite topics:

  • Breaking into Tech (Even If You’re Not a Coder!)

  • Using Data to Find the Perfect Career Path for You

  • Mastering LinkedIn the Way Recruiters Do

  • Networking with Anyone (Even If You’re an Introvert!)

  • Preparing to Ace Your Tech Interview

Or suggest one of your own. Either way, you get 90 minutes of the most interactive webinar ever (including live demos, 5+ volunteers per session, frequent pop quizzes, and 15+ questions answered in real-time).

And I’m happy to do these for both student and staff (i.e., train the trainer) audiences!

Hi Jeremy. Thank you for your time this afternoon. Your session was AMAZING!
— Ayush Rawat | Duke Student

3) The Coaching Program

For a truly high-touch experience, you can also book 1:1 or group coaching sessions at a discounted rate.

Participants can get tailored feedback on any of the following:

  • Picking the right tech role

  • Building a tech keyword-rich resume

  • Turning their LinkedIn profile into a recruiter magnet

  • Preparing for tech interviews and PM cases

  • Negotiating salary and equity

No matter the topic, every participant walks away with clear action steps to make progress towards their goal!

Jeremy is whip smart and knows his stuff. If you’re wondering what a career pivot could look like for you, and if you don’t think you have the pedigree for tech, talk to Jeremy. He will give you a paradigm shift and an action plan.
— Nancy Marmolejo | Entrepreneur

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Offers earned by my students


The online course

  • How do you structure your course pricing?

    • Having worked in higher ed, I hated two things about procurement: Getting a million authorizations and then managing seats afterwards. As such, I keep the pricing low and offer unlimited usage. Helping students succeed should be a joy, not a pain... :)

  • How do we get access to the course?

    • I’ll send you a custom registration link that you can share with your audience. That’s it! No IT set-up, no learning curve. And once your audience has access, they can use it anytime and anywhere (including on phones and tablets).

  • How long will we have access to the course?

    • Each user is entitled to lifetime access. And I update the courses regularly to ensure that they’ll continue to have access to the most cutting-edge information.

  • Can I track user progress?

    • Absolutely! I’m happy to share usage and progress data on-demand or on a recurring basis.

The Live Training

  • How do we set-up the webinar?

    • I’m happy to handle everything on my end - including providing the platform, registration link, and post-event report. Alternatively, if you have a preferred platform, we can definitely use that, too!

  • Does my audience have to be in one place?

    • Nope! I’ve done a range of events - including having all participants join remotely and hybrid sessions (one group is together while others join online). No matter the format, I make sure that the session is highly interactive through pop quizzes, live demos with volunteers, and frequent Q+A opportunities.

  • What do we get after the event?

    • Following the webinar, I’ll share a recording of the session that you can share with your audience both now and in the future. And, if we use my hosting platform, I can also share a complete registration report, a list of the questions that were asked (to help you pinpoint learning opportunities), and a post-event survey.

The Coaching Program

  • Who provides the coaching?

    • I do! So your audience gets direct access to someone who’s been in their shoes and who know exactly how tech hiring managers and recruiters make their decisions. And the proof is in the feedback!

  • What’s the difference between 1:1 and group coaching?

    • Both are extremely effective formats based on the jobs earned by my students. So it’s really just a trade-off between personalization and scale. The other factor to consider is what will be more motivating for your audience - some of my students love having the safety of a private conversation to explore big questions while others find that having peers present increases their sense of accountability.

  • I have another question!

“I just wanted to thank you because I landed my next dream job!!!
— William To | Cancer Researcher