Why the world is passing you by...

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Time to get off the sidelines...

Time to get off the sidelines...

  • You've always been passionate about tech - the sexiest gadgets, the latest apps
  • You know that tech is the future - from schools to taxis to thermostats, everything's going digital
  • And you'd love to work for a cool tech company - from Google to Snapchat to Tesla

So why are you still sitting on the sidelines?

I'll tell you why. Because I've been there - for the first 10 years of my career, in fact.

And if you're anything like me, you've:

  • Spent a lot of time wishing you worked in tech
  • Read a lot of blogs about working in tech
  • Maybe even dabbled with an online coding course

But after all that time, what do you have to show for it?



Because reading and wishing don't actually get you any closer to a cool tech job.

Because coding, while lucrative, is both really hard to learn and really boring for most people.

And because the idea of launching a whole new career in a whole new space is really, freaking overwhelming.


And that's why you don't have a tech job.

But what if I told you there was a better way?

The typical way of looking for a tech job...

The typical way of looking for a tech job...

A way that took your hand and walked you step-by-tiny-step through everything you need to do to find your place in the crazy world of tech AND position yourself to win your dream job.

The way that I used to go from teaching kindergarten to working at Apple, LinkedIn, and VC-funded startups.

And the way that's helped hundreds of people go from sitting on the sidelines to careers at Google, Amazon, and Zendesk - all without learning to code. 

That's the Find Your Fit way.


The Find Your Fit way.

The Find Your Fit way.



Because Find Your Fit is not just my flagship online course. It's also the only truly step-by-step path to a great tech job. It's not a blog or even a boring MOOC where you sit back and listen passively while never getting any closer to your goal. Instead, it's a 100% action-based approach to breaking into tech.



Here's how it works:

Plus, get this...


  • I've broken everything down into 3-minute videos so you never get bored if you're as ADD as I am... :)
  • I'll show you all the free tools I use to find anyone's email address and stay in touch automatically (including how to never pay LinkedIn a dime!)
  • And you'll never get stuck because I give you step-by-step checklists from start to finish


And that's how you can actually break into tech - not just dream about it.



Jeremy went above and beyond in advising me on career direction and development. He showed me the door to the power of networking and provided valuable insights behind the curtain to tech recruiting.
— Ino Chang, Sales | Bluewolf (acquired by IBM)



Wait... what's the catch?

What Find Your Fit feels like

What Find Your Fit feels like

As a former teacher, I've done my best to make the crazy complicated process of breaking into tech crazy easy:

I've broken the entire process into small steps so you don't have to waste time searching the Net or freaking out about what to do next. Just do each lesson and you'll be on your way.

I've given you the exact words to use in every email and conversation. So no more holding back due to your fear of what to say.

And I've even automated all the hardest parts of the process - staying on top of your search, remembering to follow-up with people - so no matter how crazy your schedule, you always stay on track.

But there is one thing I require:

You're going to have to take action.

All I ask: Take that first step!

All I ask: Take that first step!

There, I said it.

What no online course is willing to ask: That you actually get off your butt and do something.

Because if all you want to do is sit back and listen - and then pat yourself on the back for signing up for something, knowing full well that you'll never have to do anything scary out there in the real world - then I can't help you, unfortunately. That's just not how real career transformation works.

In fact, I don't even want your money.

Because my goal in life is to help people from all backgrounds actually break into tech. Not just fantasize about it.

And that means taking action.


So do me a favor: Only proceed if you're willing to take action!


offers earned via my method


Get the Course Now


Get immediate, unlimited access to the full course for $49, including:

  • An interactive workbook to track your progress
  • Full, copiable templates for every email you'll send
  • Access to every free tool I used to build a network of 5,000 techies
  • An automated reminder system to help you stay on track



Jeremy was very insightful about the mental models recruiters use to qualify or disqualify candidates. And he helped me get me an offer at Amazon!
— Simon Thomas, Product Management | Amazon






What does the course cover?

I take you all the way from knowing absolutely nothing about tech jobs to putting together the perfect LinkedIn profile or resume that will drive tech recruiters crazy with jealousy. Note that I don't cover interviewing because you've told me in survey after survey that you want help getting started, not with general career stuff like applying and interviewing. Plus, I cover all of that for free on my blog!


How do I know I'm going to get results?

Because this is the exact same approach I used to land offers at Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and VC-backed startups. And it's the exact same approach I've taught hundreds of others, leading to offers from the biggest tech firms (Google, Dell) and the hottest startups (BetterWorks, Zendesk). But if you're not getting results within 30 days, I will gladly refund your full tuition because I'm 100% committed to results. Just forward me the emails that aren't getting you anywhere and I'll refund your money immediately.


I've got another question!

I started this website to help, so lay it on me! And if you're a University of Michigan student or alum, be sure to contact me for a special offer.





Jeremy has an insider’s knowledge of the tech hiring process. That type of experience and expertise is invaluable, and significantly shortens the distance for anyone who uses him to break into tech.
— Delauno Hinson, Finance | Work Market